For Sophie







Welcome to my special guest blogger and SL partner Paradox Messmer of Fashion Frankenstein in a post featuring items from the World Goth Fair
going until June 1.
Funds raised go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
Stamp out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere.

Corset: Couture Rock – Curvaceous Cameo (Cherry) (World Goth Fair Exclusive)
Necklace: Chaos,Panic & Disorder – Naga Abyssal (Women) (World Goth Fair)
Stockings: Cannibelle – Gothic Lace Suspender Tights (World Goth Fair)
Mask: [LNS Designs]- SOPHIE LANCASTER TRIBUTE Silver/Red Gift (World Goth Fair)
Decor: Khyle Sion- Memoria (World Goth Fair Exclusive)
Decor: Angelic Designs – [nevermore] Fantasy Bat Cage (World Goth Fair Exclusive)
Pose: slouch – serenata 005
Hair: (epoque) – Sharp- Glacial
Boots: G Field – Gina Laceup
Earrings: Whippet & Buck- Brocade Black
Lips: Atomic – {Muse} Set 2

Hair: Kris by Action (new release)
Makeup: FaceTattoo Devotion by Silken Moon (@ World Goth Fair)
Mesh Shirt: Grimly Fiendish by ImmateriA (World Goth Fair exclusive)
Undershirt: Crimson Oxford half tucked by Schadenfreude
Pants: Symbiosis by GALLACTIC (World Goth Fair exclusive)
Bracelets: Runes of the North Bracelet by Eudora 3D (We ❤ RP release)
Ears: Steking ver3 by MANDALA
Boots: Triumph by Gos
Pose: Piero 1 by PosESioN

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