Tortuga Princess

Tortuga Princess

Tortuga Princess

Rings: aisling. Tortuga Princess-(The Fantasy Gacha)
Earrings: ieQED pirate.peice of eight drop (The Fantasy Gacha)
Lipstick: Pink Acid overly transparent-Black Frost Bite (The Black Fashion Fair)
Outfit: Razor-O-Ren Ishii Kimono (The Black Fashion Fair)
Pasties: Sassy Kitty Designs-Evil Kitty
Necklace: [the Forge] Chain Collar (The Fantasy Gacha)
Shoulders: Una.Pads China-Black (The Fantasy Gacha)
Hat: Pure Poison-Feather Pirate (The Fantasy Gacha)
Fan: [Black Pearls] War Fan- Ultra Rare (The Fantasy Gacha)
Prop: Kalopsia- Pirate Island
Poses: Diesel- Colleen Set

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