This turns out to be a special blog since it is #100 for Tartiste. It is apropos too since the whole point of this SL blog is the message: letting you lovely people know about interesting things I find in Secondlife. I am your humble messenger 🙂

Jewelry: The Forge-Filigree Bracers & Chain Collar (Fantasy Gacha Carnival-August)
Hat: [Chariot]- Starwatcher 3 (We ❤ Role-Play)
Wings: Trap-Riven (We ❤ Role-play)
Dress: Pixicat-Gladiator (Collabor88-August)
Face Tattoo: [White Widow]Menstuff Hunt Gift
Lipstick:{MUA} Bi Color
Pose: PosESioN- Virgo 7

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