Photo by Paradox Messmer



Photo by Byrne

Cross over post with Paradox Messmer for ROMP-

Style Credits

Paradox Messmer:
Mask/Helmet: Black Cowl by AP.PAREL (ROMP ’til July 17)
Jacket: Commander’s Jacket by AP.PAREL (ROMP ’til July 17)
Pants: Outre Leather Pants by .Shi
Pose: A Sensual Touch by RACK Poses
Prop: BumPaddle by BOOM

ByrneDarkly Cazalet:
Tiara: Iron Maiden Tiara by aisling
Gag: Animal Gag by Hopscotch (ROMP ’til July 17)
Collar: Pet Collar by AMA (ROMP ’til July 17)
Collar: Jafar Collar by PEQE (ROMP ’til July 17)
Harness: Jafar Harness by PEQE (ROMP ’til July 17)
Bracelet: Cuffed by C L A Vv. (ROMP ’til July 17)
Bodysuit: Strapped Bodysuit by Luxuria (ROMP ’til July 17)
Shoes: MasochHeels by Le Primitif (The Dressing Room Fusion-July)
Bed: Saxton Bed by Jian (ROMP ’til July 17)

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