LANCE Hair (modded) | KMADD
Floriana/Floriano Floral Mohawk and Chest Piece | alpha.tribe
Emotion Choker | Barely Legal
Midare Jyuban W/ HUD | AGATA Mode (Japonica-March)
Livia Thigh High Boots | Co57
Frequency Shift Poses | Bauhaus Movement
Neon Night Apartment(RARE) Old Foldable Table,Laundry Basket,Potted Butterfly Palm,Torovision Tv, Plastik Chair,Hanged Calendars & Etc.,Half-Eaten Khao Phat,Kola Set,Neon Sign Karaoke,Neon Sign Chinese Resaurant,Neon Sign Ring Ring House
Neon Sign PinkPub,Water Bamboo,Heart Shaped Ashtray | Soy. & Toro (Gacha) (Kustom9-March)
Environment Lights(Pink/Purple) | E.V.E.Studio

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